Guilty Pleasure – Dumpling Extravaganza

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE noodles (I am totally eating some now for dinner!). The only things better than standard noodles, are those noodle-wrapped packages of goodness – DUMPLINGS!

I am lucky enough to work near a fantastic Chinese Restaurant that serves great dumplings (Oriental East, Silver Spring).

A favorite guilty pleasure of mine is an all-dumpling lunch affectionately known as the “Dumpling Extravaganza!!!!!!!!” (Co-workers know to refer to it as such).

To start – dumplings in a bowl (aka Won-Ton soup… for the uninitiated). This delicious rendition has two tender pork-filled won-tons bobbing in a rich golden broth. The soup is served with a bowl full of crispy fried noodles (aka crispies) that are wonderful when eating with the broth.


Next – order dumplings of your choice! Today, it was Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings and Crispy Shrimp Dumplings

The pork dumplings are encased in a tender noodle, that becomes beautifully crispy where it meets the oil when being pan-fried.


The golden crispy exterior of the shrimp dumplings hides a gorgeous filling of chopped shrimp and bamboo shoots.


Other intriguing dumplings are available on the Dim Sum Menu… Taro dumplings filled with pork, steamed shrimp dumplings, shirmp or pork Shu Mai, dried scallop dumplings, and/or fried shrimp /meat dumpling round out your sumptuous selections.

Obviously I am a fan of the lunch menu, but the weekend dim sum (served by cart) draws a large and traditional crowd.

Be sure to visit soon! You will need to order individual items off the menu… I am still working on having the “Dumpling Extravaganza” added as an option!  :)

Oriental East Restaurant
1312 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 608-0030


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