Shop Review – Fenwick Beer and Wine

Finding a large selection of micro-brews, imports and craft beers is a hard thing to do in Montgomery County.  Sure – you can find a couple special six-packs here or there… and if you are really lucky, you know a store owner who will order some of your favorites (Thank you Jay!!), but finding one store dedicated to finding and selling a HUGE collection of special brews was unheard of… until now!!


Mr. Shrestha and his wife opened the cozy Fenwick Beer and Wine store earlier this year in a converted house on Fenwick Street in Silver Spring. They have a growing base of loyal customers, and if my recent visit on Friday evening is any indication – they are gaining more fans every day.

The first thing you will notice when you walk into the neat and cozy shop is a room full of beers that you don’t quite recognize, but look full of promise. Then, while you stand there slack-jawed, trying to decide how to proceed, you are happily greeted by Mr. Shrestha. With a big smile and a warm handshake, he points you in the right direction. Looking for a nice wine? Walk this way please! Need a beer to impress the in-laws? Over here! Something special you have been looking for? It’s here! (MoCo laws allowing of course…)

I must admit, that I never made it past the amazing wall of beers on Friday. I was told that there was a large selection of interesting wines, and I promise I will check them out next time, but how does one walk away from this?


Forgive the pic – it was snapped quickly in between groups of gawking customers. Rest assured that there is MUCH more beer to be seen when you visit.

The Fenwick Beer & Wine website lists 541 beers that they sell (depending on the season of course), but they encourage you to call before your visit to see if the one you are looking for is in stock… I say, skip the call and visit anyway – if the beer you were looking for is out of stock, you are SURE to find another to your liking. Check out the entire list below:

It goes without saying that this is NOT the place to go if you are looking for a deal on Miller Lite long-necks. You will not find them here (no, not even those fancy new vortex bottles!). Dare I suggest that after tasting some of the other delicious treats that Fenwick has to offer, you will no longer WANT that Miller Lite?

My only complaint was that there was not any beer, white wine or champagne available cold, but Mr. Shrestha assures me that a walk-in beer room is coming soon!

For now… You will find me there on Thursday nights… stocking the fridge in preparation for Friday :)

Fenwick Beer and Wine
1327 Fenwick Lane
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(corner of Second Avenue and Fenwick Lane, 2 blocks from the Silver Spring Metro).

See you there!